Salt Spray Chamber

Product Image (ACC-SST)

Salt Spray Chamber

Price: 145000 INR/Piece

Salt Spray Test Chamber could evaluate the anti-corrosion ability of materal and material coating, make a comparsion about the product techniques and quality of similar coating and products, It be used to test the electronic elements, and metal materials and industrial products.

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Salt Spray Chamber Table Top

Price: 58000 INR/Piece

The apparatus for testing consists of a closed acrylic testing chamber, where a salted solution (mainly, a solution of sodium chloride) is sprayed by means of a nozzle. This produces a corroding environment in the chamber and thus, parts in it are attacked under this severe corroding atmosphere.

Product Image (ACC-SST)

Cyclic Salt Spray Chamber

Price: 165000 INR/Piece

Salt Spray Test Chambers are used to test a product or material in a highly corrosive environment for the purposes of evaluating the long-term effects of salt on an object and its ability to withstand the effects of corrosion. Environmental test chambers evaluate product quality and reliability and identify manufacturing flaws and weaknesses in those products before they are released to the general market. The test results recorded through the process of salt spray testing can show the process of product decay and degradation and help predict the potential lifespan of a product or coating


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